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Since 1940, our company’s products possess shelf space in the supermarkets in Israel. Production capabilities include: mixing of various powders and cereals, cooking and preparation of syrups and liquids, baking and packaging of gluten-free products (dry, baked and frozen) and diverse packaging technologies. The company focuses on innovative functional food ingredients – food impacting health beyond its nutritional values - incorporating development and production capabilities for retail brands, private label and B2B. The company exports to the United States, England, Russia, Ukraine, Denmark and other countries.



To lead through Research & Development as a Solution Provider in functional food, medical food, medicinal food industries, alongside sharing possession of our development and manufacturing capabilities with developing countries, while focusing on the field of gluten-free nutrition and nutritional supplements.





Eshbal operates state-of-the-art facilities in Kibbutz Ma’anit under strict supervision and regulatory food production and development standards and requirements, including, ISO 9001:2008, ISO/TS 22002-1:2008, HACCP and GMP. The company’s 5,000 square meter factory has three main production facilities serving manufacturing of dry mixes, syrups, spreads and dessert fillings, gluten-free baked goods and nutraceuticals. Included among our product lines are:

  • Nutritional supplements such as medical food, protein-based supplements for athletes, pharmaceutical-oriented supplements

  • Basic and premium gluten-free products; dry, baked, frozen and more

  • Sugar-free products

  • Food products (B2B and B2C) including dry mixes and emulsions

  • Baby food including fortified cereals, tea for infants, grape sugar and talcum powder

  • Syrups, ice-cream mix-ins (ripples, swirls, ribbons), spreads, dessert fillings and Dulce de Leche


Our R&D team includes some of Israel’s leading experts in food development. The team works in support and coordination with Israel’s Chief Scientist’s Office. Eshbal has access to the world’s most advanced food technologies, and the ability to utilize knowledge and expertise, to supply high-end food products both nationally and globally. At the same time, we remain in close contact with Innovation Leaders from the local enterprising food industry and cooperate with various R&D departments.


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