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The Bar-El Bakery was founded as an independent company in 2003, operating as a start-up company in every aspect for the first three years. For more than two years, the company revolved almost solely around product development. In mid- 2015, the company succeeded to develop gluten-free rolls which were groundbreaking in their base ingredients, texture, taste, appearance and nutritional values.


This revolutionary roll was the beginning marker of the Bar-El Bakery’s path to becoming a dominant manufacturer in Israel for the production of gluten-free products. In 2009, the Bar-El Bakery was the first manufacturer of gluten-free bread in Israel to successfully obtain an official manufacturer’s license from the Ministry of Health. Full licensing was received only following completion of all strict quality requirements for manufacturing gluten-free products, including; ISO9000 standards, HACCP standards for food safety and GMP standards for Good Manufacturing Practices.


In 2016, Eshbal merged all Bar-El Bakery activities under their umbrella, as part of their strategy to become a main and dominant manufacturer of gluten-free products in Israel, with presence around the world.


For this purpose, Eshbal invested over 4 million NIS building a new, modern bakery within the factory in Kibbutz Ma’anit.


Bar-El brand products can be found in retail chains, health food stores and increasingly over the last few years, also in a wide variety of restaurants, hotels, cafes, and catering companies throughout the country.


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