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Eshbal is Israel’s leading manufacturer of gluten-free flours, produced in a variety of innovative types and flavors, and under the strictest food industry regulations (GMP, ISO 9001, ISO 22000, etc.).

Eshbal boasts a new and unique bakery for the development and manufacturing of gluten-free baked goods; from breads, rolls and pita bread, to cakes and cookies, and including pastas, baked pasta couscous, bread crumbs and more.

The company’s modern facility manufactures products of a gluten presence of less than 20 particles per million (20 PPM), in compliance with the American FDA requirements and the World Health Organization Codex Alimentarius Commission.

For the past 20 consecutive years, the Ministry of Health has chosen Eshbal as the sole supplier of gluten-free flour subsidized by the State of Israel, in order to provide celiac patients with reasonably priced flour. This product is sold in stores and food chains under the “Confectioner” Brand.

In 2014, the department developed a new and delicious premium gluten-free flour under the “Karagil” Brand, with a unique taste perfect for baking of all sorts.

The “Karagil” gluten-free flour has proven to be highly successful in the Israeli market, used for bread and other homemade baked goods.


Eshbal manufactures products (various flours and/or baked products) for:

    • The institutional market such as: restaurants, cafes, hotels, food served by airlines, catering companies, the Ministry of Defense, and more.

    • The retail market under the brands: “Confectioner”, “Bar-El Bakery”, “Karagil” and Private Labels including “Green Spring”, “Zen Food”, “GFree”, “Roladin” and others.

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