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Syrups, Dulce de Leche and Dessert Fillings



Syrups, Dulce de Leche and Dessert Fillings


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סירופים, ריבלת חלב ומליות - קטלוג





Eshbal is one of Israel’s leading manufacturers of syrups and dessert spreads for the institutional and industrial markets. In a designated facility separated into two departments (dairy and non-dairy), we manufacture products for different markets including:


  • The Industrial Market – We are the manufacturers of dairy and/or non-dairy syrups for leading ice-cream manufacturers in Israel. In addition, we develop specific syrups used in various food industries, such as chocolate and sweet snacks and more.

  • The Institutional Market – Spreads, bakery fillings, syrups and more- used by confectioners and bakeries both in Israel and abroad.

  • The Retail Market – A range of products under our Company brands, Confectioner and Komida, which include different versions of Dulce de Leche, spreads and syrups. Some of these products are also manufactured under private label for leading brands in Israel.





Here at Eshbal, we manufacture a delicious line of dessert spreads, syrups and fillings for a broad range of uses, and suitable for a number of markets.



Our product range spans across various health and dietary benefits, including; Gluten-Free, Reduced Sugar, Sugar Free, High in Fiber and more.



The products are produced in varying textures and packaging sizes to accommodate all customer needs, from ready-to-market retail products to industrial ingredients for use in bakeries and confectioneries. Our expertise lies in the development of customized mix-ins for the Ice Cream Industry.


Industrial & Institutional Products


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