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The Eshbal Company vision is to leverage the strengths of their Development and Quality Department, production facilities, and the strictest of standards under which the factory operates, to partner with researchers and entrepreneurs in the functional food and medicinal food industries. We believe the capabilities offered by our company generate great value to the unique entrepreneurial ecosystem existing in Israel, coupled with Israel’s globally recognized innovative Food and Agriculture environment.


Eshbal is committed to promoting creativity and R&D in the functional food industry, and the development of progressive products answering customers’ unmet needs, and within a moderate timeframe. Eshbal has the ability to make significant contributions to development processes, experiments, and pre-production of product lines for examining the market and obtaining licensing as required by Israeli and international authorities.


We encourage innovators, researchers and strategic players to partner with us while capitalizing on our approved, state-of-the- art manufacturing facilities, the certifications and licenses held, and the experience and knowledge of our industry-recognized R&D team.

Our subsidiary - Eshbal – EF2L Functional Foods Labs Ltd. was founded as a collaboration of leading industrial players in this groundbreaking field, and offers the opportunity of significantly shortened cycles for innovative food products, food supplements and medicinal food, from the initial development stage and up to global market penetration.


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