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Eshbal Functional Food develops, manufactures and packages Private Label specialty foods and medicinal food, meeting the needs of their customers. Private Label operations are based on, and supported by, the strict regulations certification the company holds, their production facilities and their Development and Quality team supported by, among others, the budgets of the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Economy of Israel.


  • Our production lines include manufacturing and packaging capabilities for products packaged in bags, sticks, hard shell vegetarian capsules and dry mixes, in various sachet forms and other types of packaging and processing methods. Packaging for virtually any weight from 200 mg and up to 10 kg.

  • Development and manufacturing of cereals for infants and toddlers from age 6 months and up. These cereals are produced from a variety of base ingredients such as oatmeal, semolina, rice, corn flour and others (with or without gluten), and supplemented with specific vitamins and minerals according to customer requirements and specifications.

  • Development of supplements for seniors such as for weight management and assistance with body metabolism disorders, medicinal mushrooms, and more

  • Production of nutritional supplements for professional and amateur athletes

  • Production of products suitable for the elderly and others with limited chewing abilities

  • Production of starch based talcum powder

  • Our customer portfolio includes key players and market leaders from various fields relating to dietary supplements, nutraceuticals and medicinal foods. All our nutraceuticals are manufactured under Private Label for a diverse variety of customers and fields.





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