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Retail brands



Retail brands





Eshbal manufactures products for the retail market under five brand names, each targeting a different market segment:


Karagil – Gluten-Free flours for home baked breads, pastries and cakes.


Confectioner – Baking and cooking products including Dulce de Leche, confectioners sugar. Most of this brand’s products are gluten-free and are labeled as such.


Komida – Israel’s first and leading brand of Dulce de Leche


Sweet Gold – Baking and cooking products specifically designated for the ultraorthodox Jewish community and institutional kitchens.


Bar-El Bakery – A well-known and long-standing brand for development and production of gluten-free baked goods. The brand was established back in 2003 and specializes in providing specific solutions for people with special nutritional needs.


Retail brands


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